We offer Primary Synthetic Graphite and Natural Graphite from Imerys Graphite & Carbon for a range of applications – Polymer Compounds, Brakes & Friction, Power Metallurgy, Refractories and Batteries.

TIMREX® primary synthetic graphite is produced in a unique highly controlled graphitization process which assures narrow specifications and unequalled consistent quality and shows unique properties thanks to the combination of a consistent purity, perfect crystalline structure and well defined texture. Proven in Powder Metallurgy, Brakes and Lubricants

C-NERGY™- a specialty graphite range especially designed for lithium-ion batteries.

TIMREX® natural flake graphite is produced in a wide range of products distinguished by particle size distribution, chemistry and carbon content. Imerys Graphite & Carbon mines the graphite from its own source in Lac-des-Îles, Quebec, Canada.

For more information on available grades, please contact us with your requirements.